Africa and the Caribbean’s lush tropical
spirit, precious oils, folk medicine, tropical
fruit and spices gave birth to our products.

At Higher Heights we see our bodies as sacred
temples to be loved and care for. Our products
have a way of aligning us with nature.

Hand-made in small batches, insures the magnetism
and potency. When we create a recipe, the only
ingredient that comes to mind is food, why they
penetrate the skin. Most of our ingredients and
whenever possible are from Africa and the Caribbean.
We also use tropical herbs, vegetables and fruit from
our own organic garden.

Our product vibrates on a high frequency. Chemicals,
preservatives and fillers have no place in our recipes.
Each product is individually and naturally preserved.
If you are not using a product daily refrigeration is
recommended. Our products are raw and when heat
is necessary, we use the lowest possible temperatures
to preserve the precious vitamins, oils and enzymes.