African Black Soap (Nigerian)

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This traditional black soap is exceptionally used for all over cleansing. It is super mild and provides rich, abundant lathers, possessing  medicinal properties. Re-owned treatment for skin eruptions,eczema, psoriasis, fungus,parasites, skin disease, rashes and lesions. . Made in African villages the old fashion way using plants to make an alkali instead of a chemical lye You can also use it as a moiturizing shampoo. Makes a great shaving soap,diminishing razor bumps, discoloration of skin. I have seen this soap work wonderfully on  staff infection. candida, rashes. Secret recipes of this soap are dated back to ancient Egypt.

To use: Throughly wet area, apply a very tiny amount of soap to your wash cloth or hands.This soap lathers very well. You do not need much soap

Ing: African palm kernals, cocoa pods,spring water  and plantain skins, peppermint essential oil

                                                                                                       4 oz jar

Read more: This soap has naturually occuring vitamins A, E & iron. It’s super-fatted. It’s anticeptic, anti-microbial, Works well with candida