Zimbabwe Clay Bath

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Soak and scrub in a bath of red clay waters and essential oils, for a deep purifying, energizing, firming treatment. You will feel renewed and fragranced all day. It can also be used to scrub in the shower. 


Ing: Red Clay, distilled water, castile soap, and essential oils

To use: Place a small amount, apply to your wash cloth while bathing scrub body, while soaking in the clay waters, or use in shower, like soap. Attemp to let it stay on a few minutes.


( 8 oz jar)



Read More:  Clay has been known since ancient times for absorbing impurities from the tissues. It can drain suspended impurities from the blood, lymph, and bile,and eliminating it through the skin.  Your skin will be fresh, clean and firm. It helps to alkalize, neutralize, and deodorize the body. Our Essential oil blend will uplift the mind, body, and soul, while adding potent properties from flowers, herbs, woods, and fruit. African Red clay is our choice for bathing.