Lather up with rich organic lathers of coconut milk, herbs flowers, clays, fruit, vegetables, cocoa, nuts, resins, and essential oils. We use the ancient art of soap-making. Our soaps are cured piece by piece and scented with pure  essential oils,never fragrances. Our soaps are cold-pressed. We also offer  glycerine soaps are made from natural vegetable glycerine  


There is nothing like a creamy aromatic bar of home-made cold-pressed soap, to start your day. Free of artificial sudsing agents, fragrances and  colors There is so much color in nature, that supply amazing therapeutic properties. Our soaps are coconut milk soaps, superfatted to preserve the feeling of the nourishing organic oils that remains on the skin. .     



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African Black Soap (Nigerian)
This traditional black soap is exceptionally used for all over cleansing. It is super mild and provides rich, abundant lathers, possessing  medicinal properties. Re-owned treatment for skin eruptions,eczema, psoriasis, fungus,parasites, skin disease, rashes ..
African Black Soap(Ghanian)
Decendents of Egypt used black soap for herbal medicine, harmful parasites A luxurious mild soap. good for blemishes, fungus, eexzema and other skin conditions. Leaves your face and whole body radiantly clean. This soap does not dry out the skin, but moisturizes. Great for shaving, shampoo, and a..
Red clay lemongrass
Red clay lemongrass  * Purifying, firms softens, uplifting Ing: saponified oils of coconut and olive, red clay, essential oils of lemongrass, chamomile and rosewood Clay has miraculus properties. It is a healer, as it draws out impurities, deoderizes, good for exzema, lines, wrinkles..
Cayenne bitter orange Soap
Cayenne bitter orange *circulation, mental exhaustion, firming Using this soap alone, in your bath is like a spa treatment. crisp, clean, clear, loaded with beta carotene provides a nourishing, bright, orange bar,, It luxuriously firms the skin while releasing it herbal properties. Cayenne pr..
Rastafari   Soap
  SOA-3       Rastafari * Exfoliating, purifying, sacred vibration                   4 oz          $6.00                      Ing: saponifie..
Jamaican Callaloo
Treat yourself to this uplifting, chorophyl rich bar, loaded with lime and callalou(caribbean spinach). This is a glycerine soap soal that gives way to excellent moisturizing properties. Cleans, sweentens and tightens the skin.          ..
Zanzibar Soap
  Sharing a piece of the spice islands, lather up with creamy lathers of our spicy, aromatic bar. All the spices in this soap are organically grown on the Island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Ing: Saponified organic oils of almond, marula, and olive.African butters of coconut, palm kernal ..
Creamy Karite Soap
  This rich creamy  butter we use to make this cold-pressed soap. comes from  the kernals of the'African shea nut. It's excellent properties are restorative to the skin, hair, and lips. It is an excellent moisturizer that remedies dry skin. super fatty but does not cl..
Zimbabwe Cocoa
  Soothes, conditions, sensual, nerves                Ing: saponified oils of coconut, olive and almond, raw African cocoa, essential oils of orange and vertiver  (4 oz)                  ..
Rum Punch  Soap
  Deliciously refreshing, and uplifting, This fresh crisp glycerine soap is gentle, moisturizing and aromatic. Generously spiced with a beautiful Blend of Jamaican spices, puts this soap in a class of it's own.                     &n..
Blueberries Mornings Soap
A  luxurious bath to remember! We've combined organic blueberries with coconut milk to give your skin the creamiest experience nature could provide. Loaded with antioxidants. and vitamins. What a treat for the skin!     Ing: Organic, saponified African butters of shea, coc..
 Cucumber mornings
Wake up to creamy lathers of cooling cucumbers. mildly astringent, yet soothing. Great for delicate skin, known to improve hydration, wrinkles, redness, inflamed, and puffy skin. Loaded with vitamin C, and mositurizing emollients.This bar has excellent regeneration, circulation and..