Let’s celebrate our hair, why it’s our crowning glory. We are blessed with so many varieties, color, textures, and lengths not to mention styles. Allow it to be clean, conditioned, shining, flowing and full of life!

Our Organic hair care begins with pure pure castile and coconut soaps, loaded with herbs and essential oils, then tonics, rinses and clarifying products. We offer conditioners, hair dressings and oils, bringing the hair and scalp in balance, encouraging growth, shine, thickness, and nourishment.

Our products are wholistically made,and designed for all hair types, and textures



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Sea moss lime shampoo
Inspired by the Caribbean, comes this rich, conditioning shampoo. Re-owned for it’s high mineral balance and moisturizing properties. Your hair will be clean, conditioned and fragranced with pure lime.                           ..
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Avocado Hemp shampoo
Lather up with rich lathers of avocado from my own tropical trees, combined with pure hempseed oil and and essential oils to give your hair moisture, nutrients, conditioning, and something for your hair to remember!   Ing: Castile and coconut soap, avocado, herbal infusion of bu..
Coconut Milk Lavender Shampoo
Lathers of creamy coconut milk has a moisturizing, conditioning effect on the hair and scalp. Infused with coconut and castile soap, gives you all you need to have clean, shining, hair. We've added hair vitamins to give even more nutrition and to strength, and essential oils that act like medicin..
Jungle Flower Hair Gel
Your hair will be in love. A gel that understands your hair. This flaxseed gel, gives moisture, manageability, nourishing, soothing to the scalp, defines curls, leaves hair fluffy, shiny, moveable and full of life. Whether your hair is loose natural, locked, braided, or straightened, you have new..
Yamba clarifying rinse
Loaded with nature’s most purifying herbs. This tonic conditioner will purify and exfoliate the scalp, hair,removing stale oils, scales, soap scum and lint.  It conditions and stimulates new growth of healthy flowing hair.    Ing: organic cold pressed cider vinegar, gr..
Jungle Flowers Conditioning Rinse
This combination of dry flowers and herbs, is steeped, and strained into a perfect tea to condition, and strengthen your hair in the naturalist way. Your hair will love the new texture, strength and conditioning of this herbal formula and treatment. treatment. Hair takes on new life, after soap s..
Melanin hair oil
Nature’s finest herbs and flowers aged in fruit and nut oils, to nourish, conditions and strengthens from the roots to the ends. Whether you use it as a hot oil treatment or everyday hair oil, your melanin is bond to show. To use: Apply to scalp, and bring out to hair,massage well. As a hot o..
 Yamba Hair oil
An organic blend of oils infused with black henna to nourish,darken, condition, strenghten, and texturize the hair.The essential oil blend adds further conditioning, stimulating and healing to the scalp. Henna assists in gradually darkening the hair, while thickening, conditioning and improv..
Natty Dew
Our tropical dew will transform dry damaged hair and give it new life.   Known for it’s nourishing, moisturizing, thickening, and strengthening properties. This creamy gel type dressing will detangle, and tame fly away hair. define curls, excellent for starting, or grooming locks, smoot..
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 Bush hair butter
Our rich creamy conditioning butter penetrates without clogging the pores. It has restorative properties and combats dry brittle hair. Loaded with pure essential oils from herbs, fruit,  flowers and woods that add potent, herbal energy, Your hair will be protected from sun and poll..
Natty Rose Mist
Your hair will say yes  to this moisturizing, intoxicating conditioning mist. Freshly extracted rose water and aloes. to give your hair the replenishing drink it needs. If that is not enough loaded with herbal extracts. rosequartz elixer, and precious oils your hair will definately remember!..