Sun-kissed faces reflect innermost thoughts and emotions that form rivers and valleys on our skin. We can cleanse, calm, soften, and preserve on the cellular level the ancient way!

Our fresh, handmade, plant based skinfoods are uniquely formulated to nourish and bring balance, to the skin. Whether you have concerns with aging, breakouts, discoloration, dullness, regeneration etc.

Higher Heights formulations are wholistic and are designed to get to the root of skin problems, leaving you with the skin, you'd love to be in. Our products are listed in order of optional use. Ex. Ideally you would want to open your pores through cleansing, and follow up by closing them with a toner or astringent. Skin has emotions, so we make sure we are calming your skin along the way.


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Zulu Facial Flowers
A fragrant blend:  of dried flowers and herbs to steam dirt and pollution from our pores. This blend softens the cells to be sloughed off, while preparing skin for deep cleaning.   . Just relax heal and close your eyes!    Ing: Lemongrass,..
Cucumber Lavender Cleansing Milk
Cleanse your face with cooling cucumbers. Our moisturizing no soap cleanser, leaves your skin supple, soft, and mildly astringed. A deep pore cleanser, that softens the cuticles while leaving it radianly fresh.              &nb..
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Almond Hemp seed Scrub
         Gently purifies and exfoliates face, with an organic blend of organic oats almonds, hempseed, cornmeal, combined with natures most healing and purifying herbs and precious oils. Your skin will breathe with radiance. This dry herbal formula c..
Jamaican Lime Cleansing Milk
Purifying and gentle, we’ve combined Jamaica’s most purifying botanicals to give way to this velvety soapless cleanse. Our cleanser combats blemishes, decongest pores, and locks in  moisture. Your skin will be radiantly clean. We use organic cold pressed oils, rich in vitamins ..
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Sea Clay
Our creamy white clay, sprinkled with peppermint is a wake-up to the skin. Your skin is oxygenated with seaweed, the best climate for minimizing, lines. This moisturizing treat will purify and firm the skin.c To use: Apply to cleansed face, leave at least 15 minutes   Ing; kaolin..
Rose Clay
Whether you use this clay to adorn yourself (African Style) or as a moisturizing, firming mask. It will draw out impurities and leave your skin as supple as a rose! The malassy women in Africa were dedicated in using clay on their faces, This originated from beauty rituals dating back thousan..
Roots Astringent
Aromatic and refreshing, a gentle tonic to astringe the skin. A combination of lavender water, and herbal extracts create the gentlest, most effective way to refine pores, combat eruptions and dark spots. Your skin will be calmed, firm, soft and protected from the environment,  Ing: ..
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 Cucumber Lavender Mist
Cucumbers are one of the most ancient beautifying plants. Imagine you can astringe your face, anytime with this refreshing, tonic. It refines pores, while bringing moisture and balance to the skin. Give yourself your most radiant glow.               &nb..
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Rose Tea Mist
Yes! a fragrant blend of roses to astringe your face in the gentlest way. We combine herbal tea with natures most moisturizing plants to leave your skin as supple as a rose!   Ing: Rose water, herbal infusion of roses, chamomile, calendula,African honey bush, gingko, peppermint,..
   Creamy Carrot Butter
An excellent way to receive nutrients to the cellular level. Loaded with beta-carotene and African butters to give all the support we need to the skin. Our rejuvenating butter provides soluble collagen and elastin. Now with African Marula oil.  Use night or day.    Ing..
Cornflower Gemstone Butter
Our rich and creamy butter energized with gemstone water and ancient myrrh has miraculous preserving and restorative properties. Use day or night. PROPERTIES:-African butters softening, regenerative, increases local capillary cirulation, improve elasticity, moisture, sun protection, exzema, lines..
African Ageless Secret
In preparing this day or night ageless oil treatment, i have used the absolute best combination of  anti- aging, and regenerating oils to create  exceptional skincare. This penetrative oil blend is known for it’s soluble collagen and elastin. Its restorative properties are known to reve..
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