Sun-kissed faces reflect innermost thoughts and emotions that form rivers and valleys on our skin. We can cleanse, calm, soften, and preserve on the cellular level the ancient way!

Our fresh, handmade, plant based skinfoods are uniquely formulated to nourish and bring balance, to the skin. Whether you have concerns with aging, breakouts, discoloration, dullness, regeneration etc.

Higher Heights formulations are wholistic and are designed to get to the root of skin problems, leaving you with the skin, you'd love to be in. Our products are listed in order of optional use. Ex. Ideally you would want to open your pores through cleansing, and follow up by closing them with a toner or astringent. Skin has emotions, so we make sure we are calming your skin along the way.


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Sleep-In Beauty serum
Sleep in our ancient secret. The Egyptians did. Night is the optimum time to regenerate and renew.  We’ve combined potent precious oils, ( natural medicines) and some of our most restorative essential fatty acid oils, to create a healing remedy for the skin.  Wake up to a radi..
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