A good night sleep is priceless, and  part of of our health and well-being. These buckwheat pillows are made from organic buckwheat, that add air cirulation, cushions and  supports the head, neck, and back. They help relieve headaches, snoring, and apnea, insomia, and has a massaging effect. They come therapuetic grade lavender essential oil in them to give way to extra relaxtion, and help with sleep(optional). You can have them without lavender. They can be placed on top of your regular pillow, Taken with you to the airport, use to lie on the floor etc. 

They come in 2 sizes on our website, but you can custom order by phone if you prefer, a regular sleeping size. Or even custom order a organic buckwheat mattress to be made.


Our herbal sachets are desinged to be placed in your drawers, linen closets, carried on your person etc. They are made with organic herbs and essential oils based on the sachet. They last for about 6 months or longer. Questions? Do not hesitate to call.   

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