Our anoiting oils are crafted from some of the rarest, sacred, beautiful attars and essential oils from around the world. Flower oils in their unique beauty, softens us back to our souls. They have profound, complexity, grace and intricacy. Their subtle, energies offer healing on many levels. Calming and upliting, helping  with trauma and emotional imbalances, softening your heart. 

Intricately they help you to express yourself in the world, and offer balance and stability within oneself. As an experienced, spirited formulator, and aromatherapist  i have created blends that suit you.

If you need a custom blend, you can choose to have an ancicient oil consultation, offered on our site.

In most cases some of the rare oils may have to be pre- orderd for your blend. A deposit will be required and  oils can be available within a week.                                                                      

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 Unfold Annoiting oil
  This roll-on anoiting oil is a blend of rare, and precious African and Indian Attars. Champa flowers are similiar sweetness to magnolia flowers, sweetly floral, spicey, complex. Joyous and elevating, heady, lush, and exotic. .This combination of florals with sandalwood creates an into..
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Forbidden Annoiting oil
Exotic, earthy and sweet would describe this roll-on, annoiting oil. Patchouli sweetened up with flowers and resin essential oils, allows patchoui's sensual unique scent to come alive. Patchouli is known for it's grounding , nerve, sedating properties, It stimulates the pituit..
Ancient Whispers Annoiting oil
A light beautiful bouquet of African and indian attars infused in a small amount of jojoba oil. Kewra attar is obtained from the flowers of the kewra fruit. It has a light, beautiful, exotic aroma thats in between fruit and flower. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for headache, rheumatism and..
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