Cayenne bitter orange Soap

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Cayenne bitter orange *circulation, mental exhaustion, firming

Using this soap alone, in your bath is like a spa treatment. crisp, clean, clear, loaded with beta carotene provides a nourishing, bright, orange bar,, It luxuriously firms the skin while releasing it herbal properties. Cayenne provides stimulation and wakes up the skin, loaded with potassium, sulfur, magnesium, iron, calcium,& vitamin A & C, glycerine for super moisture, beta carotene provides plenty of vitamin A and oxygen,,Citrus detoxifies and firms and sweetens the body, lavender relaxes, anticeptic, oxygen, and beautifies.Essential oils uplifting, & regenerating 


Ing: saponified oils of olive, glycerin, beta carotene, Cayenne pepper, essential oils of petigrain, tangerine, 

Lavender                                                                                         (4 oz bar)