Gingered Almond Cake scrub

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Exfoliate and and release your true skin. We use jojoba hulls with a dash of cider vinegar to really get the skin stimulated, and if that’s not enough fresh ginger and sweetie spices to sweeten things up a bit. You and your skin are ready for a good day or night.                                                                                                                                      Read more: Properties:Jojoba Hulls- High fibers 7 protein. 17 amino acids, mild exfolliating properties,deep cleans without drying. Clove- bacteria, nutmeg-energy, neuraliga, immune, hormonal, clairvoiant, mental fatique, parasites.cider vinegar- cleansing, brightens skin, balances P.H., clears soap scum,stimulates, ginger-cleansing, ciruculation, honey-humerant, healing, essential oils- potent herbal properties


Ing: jojoba hulls, organic apple cider vinegar, castile soap, Senegal gum, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, honey, clove, and essential oils                                                                                         8 oz jar              


To use: Use a small amount to massage on to cleansed skin, Rinse and follow with one of our skin butters or oils