Dancer’s Mist

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Excellent properties as a facial toner and regenerator.  Mist away your stress with this beautiful, intoxicating, crisp, floral toner. It, invigorates, cools,and refreshes.Use as a facial toner, rescue remedy, aromatherapy mist for your whole being or  your hair.You can safely use on children and pets. First created for classmates in my African dance class. They wanted a product to freshen up during or after dance..Dancer’s Mist became popular  beyond the class. People loved how they felt after they were misted.Their spirits were lifted by the aromatic properties.Many started to  notice the regeneration of their skin. It had become more supple,fresh and can freshen up any time day or night. Great for misting away hot flashes,or to set your make-up. Other properties are joy, relief of headache love,heart ache, depression


Ing: Freshly extracted orange blossom water.                                                                                                   4 OZ bottle