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Our creamy soufflé is whipped and infused with precious oils. It’s miraculous properties of shea butter and then we added just a dab of organic coconut oil to create this heavenly therapeutic and healing butter. This butter is re-owned for its anti-aging, regenerative properties. Excellent for blemishes, dark marks, burns, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, redness, It is a natural sunscreen, contains vitamin A, E, & F.Increases capillary circulation, re-oxgenates, improve elimination of metabolic waste. It can be used as a lip balm, hair butter etc

Say goodbye to dry skin!. It is the true solution to radiant skin. Loaded with essential fatty acids that balance and nourish the skin. this organic shea butter comes from a region inGhana where the nuts are loaded with oleic acid which allows it to be softer than some butters.It does not clog the pores, is an anti-oxidant, and very close to human sebrum.This whipped butter is extra fluffy and sinks into the skin effortlessly

. Ing: Organic raw shea butter, virgin, organic coconut oils, essential oils of lavender & oak moss. To use: Place a few dots to face night or day. Massage for 10 min. for best results Butter up the whole body

                                                                                                                . 4 oz jar                                                           Lavender- anticeptic, anti-bacterial, heals burns, calms, stimulates white blood cells, anti-depressant, opens 3rd & 6 chakra, strengthens body defenses.