African Shea Butter

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Re-owned for it’s miraculous benefits. This butter comes out of a nut and only grows in Africa. It provides natural protection from the sun, sooths sunburn, excellent for lines, wrinkles and lifting the skin, cracked dry skin, discoloration, rashes, stretch marks, tattoos, eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, baby skin, nipples, hair and dry scalp.


 Read more; Increase capillary circulation, re-oxygenate, improve elimination of metabolic waste, anti-oxidant, high linoleic, oleic,and cell therapy, very anti-aging 


Sound to good to be true, try it, and you would not do without it again.      To use; Dot on face, massage 5-10 minutes day or night. Place a small amount on rest of body, massage for the most regeneration.


Ing: Pure, raw, grade A, shea butter


                                                                                                      8 OZ glass jar. If you prefer plastic, please note 

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PROPERTIES:Increase capillary circulation, re-oxgenate, and improve elimination of metabolic waste, anti-oxidant, prevents U.V. high linoleic, and oleic cell therapy, wrinkles, dry skin,