Melanin magic butter

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We’re not playing we offer the richest, melanin butters for your skin. This African treat is pure palm kernel oil, lightly toasted to a beautiful brown hue. The kernal provides a superior oil, keeping its natural vitamins and magnetism in tact. It’s fine penetrating properties will regenerate your skin and protect it from the sun. You’ll love the toasty aroma. and your beautiful hue.


Ing: African Palm kernel oil, lightly toasted                                                                                                                             Read More:



This oils texture is similar to coconut oil, It can be solid, but will melt to a liquid at high temperatures. It has a rare essential fatty acid Myristic acid that is superior on the skin. Melanin magic is loaded with natural lauric acid, that destroys fungus, bacteria, virus, exzema, acne, spots, shaving bumps and cell damage.                                                                       (4 OZ) jar                                                                                                                                                         To use: Place a small amount to face and body massage well. Preferably 10 minutes