Yamba clarifying rinse

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Loaded with nature’s most purifying herbs. This tonic conditioner will purify and exfoliate the scalp, hair,removing stale oils, scales, soap scum and lint.  It conditions and stimulates new growth of healthy flowing hair. 


Ing: organic cold pressed cider vinegar, grapefruit juice, orange blossom and lavender water, herbal extracts of neutral henna, burdock rosemary, coltsfoot and horsetail, shea butter, essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary, and lavender.                                                       

                                                              (12 oz ) bottle


Read More: Properties: Cider Vinegar brightens hair, Balances P.H., prevents dandruff build-up, seals cuticles, deep cleans follicles, encourages healthy shining hair and growth. grapefruit and astringes, purifies, and brighteens hair, Neutral henna, conditions, brightens and add highlights to hair, Herbs condition stimulate, add silicia, and condition. This product encourages a full head of healthy hair.                                                             To Use; Pour a small amount to clean wet hair, work ito scalp, and out onto hair. Allow to stay a few minutes, Rinse, and style as usual, as we recommend using Natty Dew afterwards