Jungle Flowers conditioning Rinse

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This combination of dry flowers and herbs, is steeped, and strained into a perfect tea to condition, and strengthen your hair in the naturalist way. Your hair will love the new texture, strength and conditioning of this herbal formula and treatment. treatment. Hair takes on new life, after soap scum, and films are lifted.  . 

READ MORE:  properties rosemary-stimulating darken hair, reduces static, hair growth, protection, sage- calmative, stimulate to scalp, horsetail,coltsfoot and nettles are high in sulfur, silica, amino acids, cystine, good for dandruff, hair loss,promote hair growth,and circulation, henna is a natural conditioner and texturizer, neem is good for dandruff, severly damaged hair, fungus, parasites, Herbs,flowers and essential oils have their own unique properties  to condition, strengthen, stimulate ,heal and beautify.  


Ing: rosemary, sage, nettle, horsetail, coltsfoot, calendula, neutral henna, roses, lavender, papaya leaf, neem leaf, roses, and essential oils.





To use: steep 1/4- -1/2 jar of herbs to 1 1/2 qts o boiling water.Allow to cool to your comfort. Strain and pour over basin or bowl, working conditioner in as it falls back into bowl. repeat 5 times, leave in, and style as usual, or try our NATTY DEW hair dress. 


                                                                          16 oz jar