Sea moss lime shampoo

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Inspired by the Caribbean, comes this rich, conditioning shampoo. Re-owned for it’s high mineral balance and moisturizing properties. Your hair will be clean, conditioned and fragranced with pure lime.                                                                     


Ing: Pure castile soap, infusion of cedarwood, aloe, basil, rosemary, sage, lavender, sea moss, lime biotin, panethol, paba and inositol and deep sea water, essential oils of lime, and rosemary 


To use: Throughly wet hair, place small amounts of shampoo to scalp, and onto hair, massage and rinse, follow with one of Higher Heights hair oils, or moisturizers to seal the hair, and stlye. Try Yamba, or Melanin Hair oil, Natty Dew, or Jungle Flower Hair Gel

                                                                                             12 oz bottle                  


CASTILE SOAP-gentle cleanse, CEDARWOOD -anti-fungi, combats hair loss, dandruff, scalp disease, exzema,ALOE-moisturizing, regenerative, conditioning,BASIL-anticeptic,ROSEMARY-anticeptic, hair growth, darkens hair, stimulates, kills lice, an scabies, SAGE- stimulates ,restorative,LAVENDER-anticeptic, antibacterial,relaxing,conditioning, SEA MOSS -high mineral content, sulfur, iodine,  LIME- freshens up the scalp and hair, removing stale oils and soap scum, cleans and shines, BIOTIN-B vitamin good for flaking itchy scalp,PANTHTHOL-B vitamin, Prevention of gray hair, thickens, PABA- protects hair from sun damage, INOSITOL-discourage hair loss. DEEP SEA WATER-high mineral, softens, healing for the scalp.ESSENTIAL OILS -cleansing, stimulating