Avocado Hemp shampoo

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Lather up with rich lathers of avocado from my own tropical trees, combined with pure hempseed oil and and essential oils to give your hair moisture, nutrients, conditioning, and something for your hair to remember!


Ing: Castile and coconut soap, avocado, herbal infusion of burdock, sage, neutral henna, PABA, panethol, inositol, and precious oils of rosemary, sage, lavender, cedar, and  and lime


Read more: Avocado-Rich in vitamin A,C,E, protein, and amino acids One of the few fruits containing protein. Softens, conditions dry hair, stimulates hair growth. Herbal infusions to encourage stimulation, purification,conditioning, and growth. Vitamins to replenish, and nourish the scalp for healthy hair, and the gentlest vegetable soaps we could make..


                                                                                                         12 oz bottle