Rose Clay

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Whether you use this clay to adorn yourself (African Style) or as a moisturizing, firming mask. It will draw out impurities and leave your skin as supple as a rose!

Ing: Rose clay, rosewater, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin, aloes

To use: apply liberally to cleansed face to make a mask, leave on at least 15 min. for best results, rinse, follow with one of Higher Heights toners, like Rose Tea Mist, and then a moisturizer like Higher Heights Soul Rosed Butter. To adorn yourself use a small paintbrush, and paint designs on your face, arms etc, allow to dry

*Recommended all skin types                             4oz jar        


READ MORE:The malassy women in Africa were dedicated in using clay on their faces, This originated from beauty rituals dating back thousands of years. The clay protected their skin from the sun, and they maintained flawless complexions

. Clay is a purifyer and draws impurities from the skin, while it tightens and firms the skin.Clay is known to soften lines, and does not dry out skin. Clay is known to be good for exzema especially the weaping type. When applied to the skin as a mask oxidation and circulation are accelerated,.defensive functions stimulated, and body temperatures slightly raised.Clay is a revitalizer and balancer. our Morocccan rose water completes this mask with it’s moisturizing, ant-aging, toning propeties. It imparts a silky feel to the skin, and gives excellent hydration, and plumps up cells.Nourishing honey and aloes gives anticeptic, regenerative properties that couldn’t make a better clay mask.