Roots Astringent

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Aromatic and refreshing, a gentle tonic to astringe the skin. A combination of lavender water, and herbal extracts create the gentlest, most effective way to refine pores, combat eruptions and dark spots. Your skin will be calmed, firm, soft and protected from the environment, 

Ing: White oak bark, juniper berries, cape chammomile, African Rooibus,Spring water, aloes, essential oils of lavender, petigrain, geranium, blue chammomile, frankincense, lemongrass, ,cedarwood, juniper,


*Follow with one of Higher Heights moisturizers, Creamy carrot butter, cornflower gemstone butter, whipped shea souffle, soul rosed butter, 


                               For all skin types, Especially recommended for (acne prone) 


                                                   4 oz bottle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

To use: Using cotton, Apply to skin in light, upward, cirucular movements.mist anytime, and often as you need to refresh your look,combat eruptions cool off or de-stress. Great to splash on as an aftershave.
Read More: Properties: Clears skin of soap film, cellular debris, traces of oil. Softens as it eliminates blackheads, and refine pores, Speeds up regeneration. Now with African Rooibus, 10 X more antioxidant than green tea, Rooibus is an anti-aging, loaded with minerals,zinc,iron, sooths inflamation and works very good with eczema. also with Cape Aloes. the most potent of the 200 aloes, Renews and regenerrate cells, sooths, heals and beautifies.