Rose Tea Mist

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Yes! a fragrant blend of roses to astringe your face in the gentlest way. We combine rose water,  an herbal tea of roses with natures most moisturizing plants to leave your skin as supple as a rose!


Ing: Rose water, herbal infusion of roses, chamomile, calendula, African honey bush, gingko, aloe, horsetail, distillate, and precious oils.


Damacus roses grow abudantly in Africa. Fragrant, soothing and anti-aging. The rosewater arnd  essential oil is extracted in the same process of distillation. Our rose tea imparts a silky, supple regeneration to the face. It has excellent hydration, tones, keeps you cool and hydrated, and plumps up cells. Our combination of herbs compliments rosewater to form a tea.Smooths complexion, tones and evens skin tone.

chammomile calms the skin, anti-depressant, and tonic, calendula-regeneration, gingko, anti-oxidant, peppermint wakes up the skin, aloe regeneration, moisture, horsetail, silica, and collagen producing, strawberry, nourishing, brighens the skin, witch hazel atringes, Afican honeybush, anti-viral, anti-flammy and anti-oxidant.


TO USE: Apply with cotton to cleansed skin in upward, circular light motions, Mist anytime and as often as needed to freshen up your look, cool off, de-stress, mist away hot flashes. You can pour a little into any of our masks, or scrubs. FOLLOW WITH ONE OF HIGHER HEIGHts moisturizers 



                                                          (All skin types)