Cornflower Gemstone Butter

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Our rich and creamy butter energized with gemstone water and ancient myrrh has miraculous preserving and restorative properties. Use day or night. PROPERTIES:-African butters softening, regenerative, increases local capillary cirulation, improve elasticity, moisture, sun protection, exzema, lines and wrinkles, anti-oxidant.  lavender water- hydrating, soothing, anticeptic, sofening, myrrh-preserving, protective, purifying, astringent, fungus, anticeptic. Hops- antimicrobial, sedative, calming to the skin and nerves, tones.Licorice-soothing, detox,reduces puffiness. Gingko -anti-oxidant, oxygen, tones.peppermint-wakes up the skin, vitamins provide nutrition and preserve. Gemstone Elixers-Energize, and carry high properties of the stones, essential oils provide potent  energies and nutrition of the ind. plants


Ing African butters of shea, mango, and cocoa, lavender water, extracts of myrrh, hops, licorice, gingko, peppermint vitamin a, c, and e, beeswax, gemstone elixir, and precious oils 


                                                        skin type  normal-oily (4oz)