Ancient Whispers

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A light beautiful bouquet of African and indian attars infused in a small amount of jojoba oil. Kewra attar is obtained from the flowers of the kewra fruit. It has a light, beautiful, exotic aroma thats in between fruit and flower. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for headache, rheumatism and as a stimulant. It has a soothing effect on the brain and nerves. It also acts as a rescue remedy. Sandlewood, aphrodesiac, meditaition, healing,Opens the 3rd eye.Myhh ancient egyptian oil used for protection,purifies the lungs, and meditation, lavendar, relaxing, anticeptic. Grapefruit uplifting ant-depressant, drug withdrawal, cardiovascular.


Attar Of Kewra, sandalwood, Myrrh, lavender and grapefruit

                              (1/3 oz Amber Bottle) 


 PROPERTIES: Sandalwood-Aphrodesiac, spiritual, meditation 3rd eye, viobrates 1-7 chraka, antimicrobial, mild astringent. Kewra-Good effects on nerve and brains, headache, soothing, rescue remedy.Myrrh- protective, anti-aging, regeneration, lavender- uplifting,relaxing             


To Use: Roll on to any chakra point, or any area you would place perfume. For headache, roll on to painful area.