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An organic blend of oils infused with black henna to nourish,darken, condition, strenghten, and texturize the hair.The essential oil blend adds further conditioning, stimulating and healing to the scalp. Henna assists in gradually darkening the hair, while thickening, conditioning and improving  the texture. Alma oil is excellent in conditioning and helps to maintain dark hair, while discouraging gray..Baobab this sacred African oil is from the fruits of the baobab tree. Rich in amino acid, and lysine.Jojoba a liquid wax is excellent protection and moisture. Essential oils that contribute to the strength and nourishment of the hair and scalp   


Ing: oils of olive, Alma, avocado, baobab and jojoba, Black Henna, vitamin e, grapefruit seed

 and essential oils. 


To use: Place spout to scalp, release oil, little by little, massage scalp onto hair

            As a hot oil treatment, Place bottle of oil in a hot water bath. apply to clean, damp hair, massage in well.Place plastic cap. to get more heat penetration use hair dryer, steam room or out in the hot sun, remain on hair several hours, rinse or shampoo as needed, depending on hair type and texture


                                                                                                         5 oz bottle 





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