Cucumber Mornings Bath/Scrub

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A spa treatment in a jar. Cucumbers Mornings Bath & Scub, detoxes the body, while soothing, cooling cucumbers mildy astringe and reduce puffiness. Whether you use it in your bath water to soak in, or scrub yourself in the shower, you will benefit from these therapuetic benefits.

All the ingredients are food grade organic ingredients. Simply pure and natural healing. Excellent for aches, pains, purification, sloughing off dead skin, firming up skin, reducing puffiness calming, and beautifying.


INGREDIENTS; Dead sea salt, sea salt, green clay, cucumber peel, cucumber extract, baking soada, juniper berries and essential oils.


TO USE:  Place 1/4-1/3 jar into full bath water, soak at least 3o min, while scrubbing. In shower, place a small amount on mitt or washcloth in shower, scrub. After bath or shower rinse.

                                                                                                      8 oz jar



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