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Gently purifies and exfoliates face, with an organic blend of organic oats almonds, hempseed, cornmeal, combined with natures most healing and purifying herbs and precious oils. Your skin will breathe with radiance. This dry herbal formula comes alive with a little juice or water.


This organic blend gives your skin the gentlest, calming exfolliation, and purification. It’s high vitamin mineral content, absorbed by the skin leaving it soft and supple. It removes dead cells, and decongests the pores. Hempseeds are loaded with omega 3 and 6, high in essential fatty acids. organic almonds softens, fades dark marks and blackheads, Green clay purifies, firms and softens lines,.Oats calms, cleanses and balances. Our herbal blend is silicia rich and posses anti-aging properties. lavender is anticeptic, calming, beautifying, and peppermint wakes up the skin.NOW WITH CAPE ALOES. The most effective of the 200 aloes, 5x more potent than aloe vera. Repairs damaged skin,  provides  cell renewal. 


  TO USE: Throughly wet face, Place 1/2 tsp in hand or small dish. Dribble in a little water or juice to make a paste. Apply to cleansed face in light, circular movemtnts. Allow to sit a few moments, Rinse, Follow up with one of Higher Heights Dancer’s mist, Roots Astringent, or Rose Tea Mist



Exfolliating weekly can improve elasticity, texture, and tone.





Ing: organic oats, cornmeal, almonds, hempseed, peppermint green clay, cape aloes, coltsfoot, horsetail, roses, lavender, or orange blossoms, comfrey leaf and essential oils. Now with Cape Aloes


                                                                (All Skin Types) (4 oz jar)                  


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